Darren Nye

Darren Nye is a Digital/Technical Guru with over 30 years of experience. He’s held senior I.T. & digital leadership positions in a dozen companies of various sizes. He was also able to help in the sales process due to his broad knowledge and honest nature. From helping novices understand that they must turn the power on to start, to managing global technical environments, he’s seen and done it all [well, almost]. If he hasn’t done it, he knows the right people to ask! This may have lead to his cynical but can-do nature. He’s a realist, forcing himself to see it as a glass half full… if you have the time and money to pay for it!

Through most of his life, Darren has been starting and leading organizations and online communities that bring people together and help enrich lives. From Junior Achievement and teaching computers while in High School, to creating a successful Computer Club in NJ at 18, running multiple Online Bulletin Board Systems (before the Web) in his teens and 20’s, to becoming President of The Pride Center of NJ. However his favorite creation was PlanetOut back in the mid-90’s. As the first official staff member of PlanetOut, Darren was instrumental in building an online workforce of volunteer leaders who helped grow their LGBT online community. He found another passion when he was encouraged to fulfill a kid’s dream, to join a volunteer fire company, later becoming a Truck and Engine Company engineer and he was subsequently elected as President for many years. When medical issues forced him to slow down at the firehouse, Darren delved into another interest, producing and directing plays in community theatres, leading 14 different productions thus far. Last but not least, after not getting his dream job of becoming an astronaut [thanks, nearsightedness], he earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 2007.

Today, Darren lives in Branchburg NJ with his partner Patrick of 27+ years. They have two dogs Josie & Tengo. Together they enjoy camping, cruising, travel, scuba, motorcycles, cars, movies, dinners and hanging with friends and family.

In July 2017, Derek Hartley, who worked with Darren at PlaneOut, asked him to manage the technical services for www.DerekandRomaine.com and www.DNRStudios.com [as a side project]. Because Darren enjoys the entertaining aspects of the quirky DNR family that he has grown to love, plus the fact that it’s one of the few remaining global gay communities, he agreed to help [keep them from failing and dying]. This has lead to DNR agreeing to the experiment of letting an unknown duo (Darren and his former co-worker Jen Aczualdez) attempt to create their own talk show, Tech Asylum.

Each week, Darren and Jen will introduce a tech topic to the audience, rant about how it makes them want to pull their hair out, and ways to use or abuse the devices they are reviewing. From office politics, to TV remote controllers, sex with Alexa Echo and getting hot with EcoBee, you’re sure to get a laugh while learning about how you too can fake it till you make it … as a tech guru. Join the fun as Darren and Jen share a drink for the week, and take your calls to poke fun at life and the gadgets that are supposed to make our lives easier.