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S1 E25: 199Proof – Data Driven Drinking

Marc and Dan from join Darren and Jen to explain how they created a methodology of drink mixing and taste testing of various gin brands and additives, to find the best taste out of at least 199 variations of gin drinks (not all...

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S1 E24: Halloween Tech Fun

OK maybe not so much about Tech but more about Halloween Fun… join Darren & Jen as they kick around fun ideas for Halloween. Some of them relate to inexpensive (ok, cheap) ways to create your own LED costumes.

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S1 E23: Hacking Voting Machines

As Donald Trump ramps up his 2020 election campaign, and the Democrats ramp up their impeachment proceedings, Darren and Jen thought it was an ideal time to discuss the fact that voting machines can be hacked. Expect to see it in 2020!

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S1 E22: Huge Tech Companies Created By Immigrants

Four co-hosts join up again tonight: Darren, Jen, Michael Pyle and Kevin Vandenberg! This time, we get political. We know President Trump is not a fan of immigrants to the USA. But did you know, if it were not for immigrants, we would NOT...

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S1 E21: Surge Protection & UPS systems

Tonight’s show has four co-hosts: Darren and Jen – in addition to Michael Pyle and Kevin Vandenberg (both of them provide tech help/advice to DNR! The four of us make recommendations on best ways to protect your electronic equipment using surge protectors and Uninterruptible...

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S1 E20: Technology & Magic

Jen invites magician Jeff Crow as our guest, who started practicing magic as a child and performs professionally today (catch him at Speakeasy Magick at the McKittrick Hotel in NYC. Jeff shares how he was inspired to start, what’s important to him with regards...

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